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There is no cost to create an account on PetArk. You can use this account for as long as you need to help find your pet. Once found, you can continue to have your pet's contact details on file to speed up reporting your missing pet should they go wandering again in the future.
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Optional Upgrade
We offer additional support for a one-off payment of $15. The $15 payment is a one-off cost and covers your pet for ever. The added features included in this payment include:
  • Microchip Registration (a registered microchip number can be scanned and quickly checked)
  • Record your Council Registration details and Tag No
  • Record any ID number (eg NZKC, Rescue ID)
  • Add your preferred vet clinic contact details if your pet is found and needing assistance
  • Add additional Pet Details
PLUS, these extra features and benefits are available once you have upgraded:
  • Add additional contact information
  • Add multiple additional contacts
  • Upload pet documents (vaccination documents, desexing certificate etc)
  • Up to 3 photos for the pet can be stored
  • Scanner Angel Registration (Scanner Angel is a smart network of Halo Scanners that have the ability to download missing pets microchip numbers and display a message when the software is installed. When plugged in to recharge they also upload scanned details and notify petArk when a missing animal has been scanned.)
Additional Services
We can also offer further lost pet services including:
  • Pet Detective Consultation - $120 (Would you like to talk one on one with a trained pet detective? Read more…)
Pet Detective Consultation Pet Detective Consultation 120.00